We can fix damages ranging from, minor scratches and removing imperfections, to torn and defaced photographs.

Scanning photo: $3.00 (1-5 pictures)

                        $2.00 (6 or more pictures)

Light dust & scratches: $10.00

Medium scratches: $30.00

Heavy torn & defaced: $60 and up

Minor photo restoration may include the overall adjustment of the brightness or contrast to correct for the fading or darkening of the picture over the years, minor color shifts due to ageing or the environmental interaction with the chemical processes used during developing the film, or the removal of minor stains, spots or scratches. Heat, light, humidity, accident, age, smog, all effects how long a photograph will retain its original look. Our services will help bring that special moment in time, back to life.

This service category also would include the removal of slight cracks, creases, or tears in the edge of the photograph, but usually does not include repairs to major areas of the photograph.

Prices for the category of "Minor Photo Restoration" start at $10.00

Minor photo restoration may also include the following:

  • Remove minor stains, dust, or scratches Remove "red eye"
  • Repair minor damaged edges Repair minor cracks, creases, or tears
  • Repair slight fading or discoloration
  • Repair minor Color shift

Moderate Retouching and restoration services of a photograph involves removal of moderate stains, moderate water damage, scratches, red eye removal, and tears, but not the major rebuilding of the facial area or extensively damaged areas of the photograph. It includes digitally retouching the brightness, contrast, and color levels of the photo as well as the hue. The repair of moderately creased or partially torn photos (as long as the photo is in one piece) is normally included within this service category.

The "Moderate" service restoration category prices begin at $30.00.

Additional photo restoration and enhancement may also include the following:

  • Restore moderate discoloration or fading
  • Repair moderately damaged or missing edges
  • Remove moderate scratches or tears.
  • Restore inked or written on photos.
  • Repair moderate water damage
  • Repair creases and partially torn photos - (with no missing pieces)
  • Remove, add or modify background

The "Severe" category of photo restoration encompasses any or all of the features and services involved in minor and moderate restoration, as well as major repairs or additions to your images. This category, as its name implies, usually requires an extended amount of attention to detail and time to digitally restore and bring back what the elements, age, and wear and tear have changed.

Repair work may involve the piecing back together of torn photos, reconstructing missing areas, extensive work in the facial or other significant areas of the photo, repair of severely stained or discolored areas of the photograph, or even extensive water damage to photographs.

The price for the "Severe" category of digital photo enhancement, restoration, and retouching start at $60.00.

Severe photo restoration may also include the following:

  • Repair severe discoloration or fading
  • Reconstruct missing pieces
  • Repair severely damaged edges
  • Repair creases in major areas
  • Repair photo torn or multiple tears
  • Repair, add, change, or remove background
  • Repair severe stains or photos stuck to glass
  • Reconstruct facial damage

For accurate price quote, we would need to see the actual photograph.